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Biomass Boiler Installations

New to you

Whilst biomass is perceived to be new in Scotland, the technology is tried and tested in Europe and in Austria particularly.


“Austria has become a global hub for environmental technology and is home to some of the world’s leading biomass boiler manufacturers. 

In the last six years, the share of Austrian energy produced with biomass has increased by 50 petajoules, or 38%, making biomass the most important source of energy in the country by far. The use of biomass saves 13.6 million metric tons of CO2 each year compared to fossil energy. The region of Upper Austria alone generates 16 per cent of its total energy supply from biomass, whilst in England this figure is currently less than one per cent”

Everyone loves the satisfaction of a fire in the grate warming their home. How satisfying then to heat your entire house or business with the warmth of wood.

We are happy to share our experience to help you shape your own project. In the menu to the left you can see what each stage of a typical project entails practically. Jamie Reith will oversee and co-ordinate as much of your project as is required.