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The significant savings in fuel costs through installing a biomass system mean that boilers will pay for themselves.  Typical payback periods are less than 10 years and in certain cases much shorter even without grant aid.

The exciting new grant scheme called "The Renewable Heat Incentive" (RHI) finally opened for applications in November 2011.  Payments are made based on the actual amount of heat generated by the boiler which is read from an approved heat meter.  The government has published the RHI payment rates for commercial schemes, which may just include single boilers heating more than one building.  Detailed guidance is available from  The annual payments are index-linked and guaranteed for a period of 20 years.

For domestic applications, RHI is being administered by the Energy Saving Trust, and is known as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (RHPP).  Currently, prospective applicants can apply for a voucher for a one-off payment of approximately £1000 towards the cost of installing an eligible biomass system.  Annual payment methods and rates are still to be announced.

Alternative grant sources include SRDP and targeted initiatives by energy supplier such as SSE and EON.

Interest-free loans, and loans with favourable terms to encourage the uptake of renewable heating systems are available, subject to conditions, from the Energy Saving Trust, Carbon Trust and various other bodies (see Links).